135 Main St. B400-Basement, Dillion, CO 80435    970-468-6257

Our Story



I'm Christine Alfedele and I'm passionate about children in our community having a fun and safe place to share with their friends and family.  As a mother of seven amazing children....yes...SEVEN, my passion for healthy and happy children comes genuinely.

With my children earning their education in Summit County schools today, The need for a safe and fun indoor facility was obvious.  This community need motivated me to purchase this special facility in the Spring of 2017.  This wasn't just the purchase of a bowling alley.   If you join me and look at it through my eyes, I see a journey to share a safe and fun family-focused facility for kids of all ages to enjoy. 

A place where we can celebrate birthdays and special occasions. A place that provides an opportunity for our young adults to gain working experience in our community.   A place that can make a genuine difference in our community.  

Over the next year, we will be on a mission to update and improve not only the physical look and condition of our facility, but more importantly to improve the soul and heart of our facility, so that we all have a safe and fun place to play and enjoy.

I view my role as a steward of this special place for our fantastic community.   Please join our family as we humbly strive to bring you a facility you will be proud of....

Christine Alfedele
Nehemiah, Noah, and Makari